Email is by far the best online marketing tool as it can reach a large number of people who are interested in your products or services.

Being one of the oldest methods of marketing, email marketing continues to be very effective when it’s used properly.

However, sending emails to anyone and everyone can’t exactly be called as “effective.” This thing gave email marketing a bad name in the first place. By Following some simple principles you can reach more people and find more success with email marketing.

1. Make a Specific Offer

There are chances of your email being 100% successful if it is just a generic reminder that you exist.

Your subject line should tell people what they will get after opening the email, then the content should clearly explain what you are offering. But you’re not trying to sell a product or service with this email. You website will do that. Your offer should be good enough that it gives the receiver a reason to click over to your website.

2. Make a Specific Offer in the Right Way to the Right Audience

People are not going to rush to click your call to action only because you’re clear and specific about what you offer. Your offer needs to have a connection to the person receiving the email.

You can can have the bestest offer, but it will have no impact with the wrong audience.

By clearly defining the audience and determining the approach that will give the recipients a reason to click, You can instantly reach a huge audience through an email campaign.

3. Communicate Like You Would on Social Media

We think of email as advertisements and announcements, and while that’s not a bad thing, it isn’t the best way to reach out to your customers.

You’d very quickly lose the followers, If you treat social media posts like advertisement.

So, we can think of email as another way to be social. It can be a way to stay connected with friends and family. Isn’t it?

4. Don’t Expect to Always Get It Right the First Time

You shouldn’t expect perfection from your very first email. Your first Email can do really well but it’s again some work and tests are essential to grab all the potentials.

In Email marketing, You need to rely on analytics rather than assumptions as in every other element of online marketing

Research is a great place to get started planning your strategies, but until you start collecting your own data on your own target audience, a generality is all it will be. You can do a lot more with specifics than you can generalities.

5. Make the Value Very Clear

You need to make sure you’re connecting your offer to the reader by using proper subject line as well as content and images.

If someone arrives on your website, it’s obvious that they had some kind of interest in your products/services/content because they searched for and clicked on your site.

When someone opens an email, they are expecting you that you will prove your worth to them because your email came to them.

They will not look to see if you have what they want. They will look for a reason to delete your email.

6. Don’t Ask for Much, But Be Clear What You’re Asking For

If Your email has a call to action in the range of “subscribe now for $10 a month”, it isn’t likely to get much attraction.

You should try to sell them not on click but on the other side of click.

People tend to be more open to directness. If they feel that you’re trying fool theme about the sale, they’ll just hit that delete button.

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