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Gifts for Music Lovers

True blue music lovers are easy to understand; they know exactly what they want, may it in songs, music genre, audio players, speakers or headphones, and fashion. That is why it’s easy to please them with gifts. But since there are a plethora of music-related items out there, there’s only a few of them that any music lover will truly treasure.

Are there any perfect gift ideas for music lovers?
The first thing you should do is to know an audiophile’s taste when it comes to music. Once you already know, the next tip for the best gift any music enthusiast will enjoy is something that will give them a better experience with their tunes.

The gift ideas listed below are tailor-fit for all music lovers out there :

1. Portable Turntable – the best way to represent the old and the new with music technology is turntable combined with portability. The vinyl player can be brought anywhere and can also play other digital music formats such as mp3. Music lovers will surely enjoy this portable music player. 

For product listings, you may check out these turntables from Amazon

2. Portable Bluetooth speakers – remember the time in the ’80s when those huge boomboxes became so popular? That’s the closest portable music player they can have back then but it’s not really handy. Fast forward to today and everyone has portable speakers, and some have even a built-in music player.This time though, they’re really compact and powered by rechargeable batteries.

Don’t be fooled by the size though, portable speakers nowadays pack some serious sounds, way better and louder than their indirect predecessors.  When it comes to one of the best speaker brands, JBL is already a trusted name in the music industry. Check out their latest portable Bluetooth speaker model, the JBL Charge 3. The cost, the sound quality, and looks are pretty solid.

3. Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones – ask any music lover on what was their best experience with music. Most likely, the answer they will give is at the time when it was just them and their favorite songs. And that experience can only be provided by a noise-canceling headphone. 

These are not ordinary headphones; it will clear out all background noise and focus on the sounds that your player brings.

Bose brand acoustic noise-canceling headphones are known for their sound quality among all audiophiles. Check them out here. 

4. The Beatles White Album Special Edition – this rare 6cds plus one DVD pack is a must not only with fans but for all music lovers out there. No other bands quite The Beatles have ever walked this earth and this album is one of their best. 

The set includes never been released demos, rare remix recordings, hardbound book with photographs, transcribed lyrics, and many more. Get yours here now.

5. Sonos One Speaker – what used to be a sophisticated thing to do is now easy with Sonos One Speaker home sound set up.  A music enthusiast is particular with the sound quality and volume, and even it this speaker looked simple, just wait and hear it play your favorite track.

Sono’s system is easy to get by with; get one for you, and another one as a gift. The modern design blends well with any environment. If there’s already a sound system installed, you can still have Sonos as a complementary speaker. The price is a thing of joy as well. Sonos One Speaker is featured here

6. Cotodama Canvas Lyric Speaker – although sold with a hefty price tag, this is one of the most hip speakers you can give as a gift. The WiFi-enabled speaker blends well with all the rooms in your house. It can visually display the song lyrics as it blasts to the great quality sounding discrete speakers. 

7. Concert Ticket Gift Cards – no music lover won’t tell you that seeing their favorite act live in person is an experience like no other. Sure, you can hear the live sound recordings anytime and anywhere, but nothing can beat the live, sweat, and tears experience when you’re there at the concert. Get your gift cards here with special offers. 

8. Power Banks – almost all portable sound devices right now such as mp3 players, iPods, speakers, wireless headsets, and smartphones are powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

The bad news is, you have to charge them before leaving, and the good news is, power banks have now huge battery capacities sold at reasonable prices. You can recharge all you audio devices while on the go.   

For the best deals in portable chargers, this site has them all. 

9. Any Musical Instrument Or Accessories – some music lovers take their passion a notch higher by learning to play musical instruments. Which is, by the way, easier nowadays with the help of hundreds of online free tutorials.

The common instrument is the guitar which is flexible on all occasions. Some bang up the drum and others take the direction of a more sophisticated instrument like the violin. Music instruments or accessories as a gift is a sure hit with any music lover.

10. Karaoke Machines – learning musical instruments is pretty special, but those who can’t play can still sing a tune!  Karaoke machines are great gift items it is a nice addition to any household. Anyone can enjoy it and provides total entertainment for your friends, guests,  and family.

For an amazing all in one karaoke entertainment system with a wallet-friendly price,  check out the Akai KS5500
Your gift to the music lover in you and those you know

There are music lovers that casually listen to the songs on the radio. On the other hand, there are enthusiasts who spend several hours creating the ultimate playlist for every occasion.   There are those music fans who never miss a weekend gig or grand concerts, while others play an instrument with a band. 

The above listed are special gift items that most music lovers will enjoy, appreciate, and above all, never forget. 


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