Real Info Blog SEO What is Guest Blogging? Why Guest Blogging is So Effective Method in SEO

What is Guest Blogging? Why Guest Blogging is So Effective Method in SEO

Guest blogging is the most effective activity in SEO to get rank and traffic. Guest blogging is a vital tool for attracting the right and new visitors to your website.

A Beginner’s Guide to Guest Blog

Being working in a company and doing guest blogs for my company, I know everything about guest blogging how to do guest blogging, how to approach bloggers, and what website I should choose to post for my company blog and before to start posting what should I check the data about the website. What today I am going to share with you this is not what I read from the Google or form the blog, this is my own experience what I saw the result during posting the guest blog.

Let’s start from the basics, what is a guest blog

Guest blogging is a method/process used in SEO for many reasons.

• Earn Google trust
• Boost ranking
• Increase traffic
• Increased Dofollow backlink
• Branding

So basically guest blogging is used by 2 users, company and writers.
The company uses guest blogging with the intention of boost rank, earn google trust, traffic and branding. We do many activities to boost rank but why guest blogging is the most effective and instant result activity. We do Social bookmarking, classified, article, blog post,
and other activities but from the guest blogging, you can see results in a week or max15 days. If you do 10 blogs in a week for your company your ranking and traffic both will boost up.

Guest blog Google consider as a referral vote, one website has very good performance in google eyes, domain authority is high, web presence is good, users are engaging on the website and your website getting a link from that domain so this Google considers as a referral vote. That’s why guest blogging is so effective activity.

Writers who are interested to write a blog can write blogs for any famous blogger and post on blogger sites to attract visitors. Writers can improve their skills and if your blog gets to engage more users, the website owner can pay you well. Also, you can search any good blogger like Neil Patel and if he accepts your blog and post on his site and gives your author profile, this can give a boost to your career whether you apply in a company, or working freelancer. There are lots of benefits we can get through guest blogging.

How to Start Guest Blogging?

Step1– There is a 3 to 4 way we can use to find guest bloggers. Firstly, I am sharing how to approach guest bloggers from Google.

Go to Google search bar and put keywords-

In url “write for us” “Niche”


Google Search Strings to search Guest blogs-

Google has many search strings to search for specific content on the web.

These are some strings to search guest blog websites.


Inurl “write for us” “niche”

Inurl “write for us” “Digital marketing”

Intitle “write for us” “niche”

“guest author” “niche”

“keyword” inurl:countributor

“niche” inurl”write for us

Inurl “countributor” “niche”

Points to check before to finalize a website for blogging-

  • Website Da
  • Traffic monthly
  • Relevant anchor text
  • Keywords in rank
  • Spam score
  • Relevant audience
  • link type(Dofollow/Nofollow)
  • Domain age

Click on the shown linked and land on the write for us page, read their posting guidelines and mail them your proposal you can attach your blog directly by mail.

Into 4 to 5 days you get a response by them and if they like your blog will post on the website.

So there are many websites accept guest blogs at paid. But some websites accept guest blogs at free of cost if the content is informative and well written and can engage more users.

Find Admins on Facebook Post Blogs on Blogger Sites

There are many groups created on Facebook names are “Guest post on the blog” “Guest Blogging” “free or paid guest post” “Guest blog post service” and many others.

You can search these groups on Facebook and join them and post your request content in the group. They will send you the excel sheet of guest blog websites. That will help you a lot to post your content.


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